libUrl Downloads and release notes

You can download the latest release of libUrl from this page. Note that these releases may be newer than the version included with the latest official release of Revolution. They may contain new features, improvements, or bug fixes. When updating, you should test the new version thoroughly with your current stacks, taking the usual precautions (backups, etc.)


To install an update, download the stack by clicking the appropriate link below. Open the stack and click the appropriate update button in the stack (for the Revolution IDE or Metacard IDE). You are advised to backup your original version of libUrl before updating. For Revolution IDE users, backup the file revlibrary.rev which can be found in the revolution/components/global environment/ folder. Metacard IDE users should backup the stack which can be found in the Metacard folder.

NOTE: If you get a screenful of text when clicking the links, click Back and try again using the Control/Alt/Option key or right-clicking or whatever your browser uses for specifically downloading a linked file.

libUrl 1.1.6

This version has no new features over 1.1.5. It fixes a bug that prevented libUrlFtpUploadFile and liburlDownloadToFile from uploading or downloading more than 230 or so files in one batch on Mac OS X.

Download updater for libUrl 1.1.6

Alternatively, from the message box, type the following:

go url ""

libUrl 1.1.5

Download updater for libUrl 1.1.5

Alternatively, from the message box, type the following:

go url ""

libUrl for CGI scripts

The two stacks below are versions of libUrl that can be used with Rev CGI scripts that need to make http and ftp requests. Download and unzip the version appropriate for the CGI engine you are using. Note that liburl_1.1.5_minus.rev does not support SSL so cannot connect to https URLs.

To use the library, place the stack file in the same directory as your CGI script. In your CGI script, before making any URL requests, include one of the following statements, depending on the version you are using.

 start using stack "liburl_1.1.5_minus.rev"
 start using stack "liburl_1.1.5_plus.rev"

Download (for CGI scripts using Rev engines before 2.6.1)

Download (for CGI scripts using Rev engines 2.6.1 or later)

May 3, 2006